Who We Were; Who We Are – Chapter 2

One thing that is probably obvious to those who’ve read more than one of my stories is that I thoroughly enjoy when characters enjoy themselves or at least have thoughts and opinions on their circumstances. While we are all subject to various outside factors, I try to be an agent in my own life or at least an active participant. Likewise, I seek to reflect this in writing.

Characters who want, characters who act, and characters who talk are some of my favorite characters. They don’t need to develop in my opinion, as static but exciting characters can tell a fine story, but if they take an active role in their story that’s my ideal.

Someone with a more concise style could probably have unveiled this chapter with a quarter less of the words, but, and this might came as a surprise to some, I’m often indulgent when writing. I’ve already cut out a fair amount of unnecessary fluff here. That said, this was fun to write from start to finish.

In this, we get a couple more glimpses into their relationship, along with a healthy heaping of domination.

You don’t necessarily need to read the first chapter, as I tried to make this one as standalone as possible for the enjoyment of those who pursue erotic Size fiction for, well, the erotica.

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General Story Warnings: giant couple, NSFW, MF/f, MF/m, MF/mf, growth, shrink, cruel, insertion, oral sex, humiliation, domination, noncon, clothes ripping, sexist slurs, former bullying and harassment, language, alcohol use, pain, established relationship.

Chapter Specific Warnings: shrunken woman, domination, language, MF/f, humiliation, insertion, penis, mouthplay, minigiant, oral sex, some pain

Estimated Reading Time: 20 minutes

The library was almost pitch dark. Natural moonlight filtered through wide windows ad provided the only illumination, but cast the room in eerie shadows. Bookcases, cubicles, and tables with ancient computers decorated the layout, interspersed with racks of faded magazines. A large round table was tucked away behind a semicircular bookcase with bowing shelves loaded with knowledge. It reminded Hazel of a hidden glade, sequestered away even from the solitude of the rest of the library.

Maya navigated and led him there without second-guessing her footsteps, and he guessed this was a favorite spot of hers. She stretched her arms out to both sides upon reaching the table and let out a satisfied sighed, as if more relieved to be here with the weight of memories around to keep her safe. She walked over shelf, examining the laminated spines of various books.

He almost asked her why there specifically, when his foot—sluggish and crammed into a suede Oxford shoe more befitting a man than the behemoth he was—jammed into a wheeling cart stacked with a tower of books. Hazel grunted and bit back a curse, bracing himself against the bookcase while Chloe struggled in his other palm.

“Let me go!” Chloe yelled. Maya had handed her off to him so she could pick the lock to the library. “Let me go, you fucker! You can’t do this to me!”

Hazel dangled her by a foot, upturning her. Chloe shrieked at the sudden swaying movement, but didn’t relent in her verbal assault. “She’s loud,” he said, scrutinizing her. Her face was blotchy with makeup and exertion. On a whim, he puffed air onto her, eliciting a fresh round of screaming as she clutched her ears. “Not very smart either.”

She started, “Fuck you, you overgrown—”

Hazel switched hands and pressed her down with his thumb. All she could do was let out a weak gasp as his finger passed over her face, her chest, and parted her legs without resistance. He let his thumb rest there, enjoying her whine. “She’s fun to play with though, even if she’s mouthy.”

Even with their difference in size, the warmth in Chloe’s body’s exuded through her skin to his like a tactile signal flare. Her miniature whimper was crystal in the low whiskey silence of the library, and he just knew she was horrified and wretched at being so easily manhandled.

“Yeah, she’s always been like that.” Maya stopped her inspection of the books and turned to him. “Always with an opinion. Always sharing that opinion. Always running to her daddy if something didn’t go her way.”

Shared history there, but he didn’t press. “Sounds like a lot,” he said instead.

“She is.” Maya nodded. She stuck her hand out to him, expectant. “Now hand her over. We’re going to have a long overdue conversation.”

Considering library sex was on the bucket list she mentioned earlier, he doubted it.

“Ruin my fun, will you?” Hazel said, but complied anyway. Chloe tumbled from his hand into Maya’s open palm. She looked dazed and exhausted, and it took her a few seconds to rise.

“Don’t worry, there’ll be more fun for you.” Maya blew him a kiss and then closed her fingers around Chloe, leaving just her head exposed. “Heya, girlfriend,” she said, sounding far too cheerful to be anything but trouble.

Chloe wheezed, her chest too compressed to speak words.

“God, how long has it been? Ten years, right? Ever think you’d see me again?” Maya said. She tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear, and continued, “What was it you said, ‘everyone gets what they deserve’?” She shook her fist, drawing a nonsensical gasp from the shrunken woman. “Well, Chlo, think you deserve this?”

Hazel pulled a chair out for himself a couple seats down and draped his blazer along the back of another. He’d heard several ominous tears along the seams of his outfit and he needed to burn off some size before he outgrew their little nook, if not the library wing itself. Without prompt, he unzipped his pants and released the absurd pressure in his crotch.

At his sigh of relief, Maya’s glanced at him, eyes widening as she took in his magnified appearance. One cheshire grin and a wink later and before Hazel knew it she stood before him, glowing in the moonlight. Her chest rose and fell with a heavy pause between each electric breath while she looked him up and down. She brought Chloe up to her face and let loose a throaty laugh. “Well? Everyone get’s what’s coming to them, right?” she said.

Chloe was helpless to reply. Even when Maya loosened her hold and let the woman scrabble on, over, and under her fingers like a spider, it looked like it took everything she had just to hold on without falling.

Hazel tracked the way Maya’s eyes followed the tiny woman, never wavering as Chloe slid, clung to, and grappled with fingers the size of tree logs. It was less what she deserved, he mused, and more what he and Maya wanted. He had no quarrel with anyone at the reunion short of the assholes who’d singled her out earlier, and even then, it wasn’t his call. Maya needed this, despite her earlier assurances of wanting a night to just ‘show him off’.

He let out a pleased hum as he extricated his cock from the confines of his boxers and slid his pants down, watching his wife dominate her old acquaintance. A low drone lilted in his ears, telling him to grow, to shrink, to take, to give, but he focused on Maya instead. He centered her in his mind, focused on her presence and slowly wrestled his volatile power and growth to a stall. He even reversed some of it. His shirt, stretched taut across his chest and belly, loosened its stranglehold and he released the tension building in his body. Sore muscles grumbled their discontent, but at least claustrophobia stopped clawing at his extremities. Just to be on the safe side, he unbuttoned his shirt, exposing a gray undershirt damp with sweat.

After shrinking back to a higher-than-average NBA player’s height, he was still level with Maya while sitting down. His brain was even happier to remind him of just how much smaller Chloe was.

Hazel closed his eyes and remembered Paris, when he and Maya spent their honeymoon week with a young couple in their grasp: Julius and Jean, tucked into recesses and bouncing between the size of gnats to action figures, had been far more enthused about the arrangements than Chloe. They even had an open invitation to come visit whenever they wanted, provided they didn’t mind experimenting with the opposite end of things. When he opened his eyes, Maya was tossing Chloe up and down like a toy. “Having fun?” he said.

“Something like that,” she replied. Her lips turned up with curious glee.

The little blonde’s dress had torn in the meantime, a single strap of cloth trailing in the air like a gilded streamer. Suddenly, Maya pinched the end of it and began dangling Chloe out over one hand like a yo-yo. Incoherent squeaks and obscenities echoed through the air, and Maya stopped. She brought the shrunken woman to her ear, paused, and snorted with derision.

Without further ado, Maya grabbed Hazel’s erect dick with the hand holding Chloe, earning a harsh gasp from him. Like a hungry beast, his power prowled at the edge of his attention, wanting more. Grow, shrink, give, take. Power like his was less servant and more belligerent copilot, and he wasn’t in the habit of giving in to anything except Maya, who pushed and challenged him with every word.

“Speaking of fun, someone’s enjoying himself.” Maya formed a ring with her thumb and index fingers, and started stroking him, sweet, sensual, and slow. “Was this your plan all along?”

He kissed her, before biting her lower lip and earning a sharp inhale from her. He let her go. A tempting pink tinged Maya’s cheeks. “Can’t say it didn’t cross my mind,” he murmured.

“Terrible influence,” she said, quoting him earlier. Her breath steamed against his face, and Hazel shivered at her dulcet tone. “Yeah, that sounds about right. Before I met you, I used to be pretty vanilla.”

He quirked an eyebrow at that. “Tell me, which one of us thought tucking herself into my cock would be an appropriate way to join me on my morning run after two weeks of dating?”

Maya’s blush was luminescent. “Shut up. It’s only because you dared me to come up with something exciting.”

“Mm-hmm. Sure.” He leaned back in his seat, a rumble building in his chest the longer she touched him. He felt Chloe struggling against his shaft, her tiny body working magic on his cock, smearing herself with his precum the longer she fought. Maya leaned over him in his seat, one hand on his chest while she stroked and teased him with her shrunken former classmate. He reached up, cupped her face, and nibbled her lower lip once more as she squeezed and released, squeezed and released. “You’re still the one calling the shots tonight.”

“Putting all the work on me then?” Maya asked, grinning wickedly even as he trembled at her touch. In one motion, she let Chloe go, dropping her between his legs, trailing her fingers to his base. “What a lazy husband you are. Not even going to help me out?” The inflection in her words was clear.

“Now, I didn’t say that.” Hazel kept one eye on Chloe, who recuperated well enough and stumbled to the edge of the chair where a multi-story drop awaited her. One of her shoes was missing. She looked up at them, some combination of exhausted and terror visible in her stance even in the dim light. “I’m just saying, I’m keeping my mouth shut. Unless you’re looking for ideas.”

“Ideas.” Maya’s fingers trailed down his chest as she knelt before the chair. Chloe recoiled at the sight of her immense face looming over her. “Like what?”

“Oh, you know—” he waved airily, “—ideas.”

Chloe scrambled back, running toward his balls, only to come to a full stop as she realized her predicament.

Ravenous power flooded through Hazel. The wooden chair creaked with a sudden increase in weight as his thighs filled each leg of his boxers to the point of bursting. His breathing heavy, Hazel adjusted himself, all his progress in reversing himself undone in an instant.

Chloe cried out at the sight his towering cock, now many times larger than her. He wasn’t as large as he could get, but still he felt extraordinarily powerful.

Smirking, he winked at Maya and with one hand started guiding his erect cock down. Chloe fell back, turned on her stomach and tried crawling away.

“Look at him,” Maya voice was clipped and demanding. “Fucking look at him, Chloe.”

Chloe looked up from her belly crawl and flinched. Something in the Maya’s voice tone must have sunk in though, because she flipped onto her back. Hazel hovered his cock over her, delighting in the way Chloe struggled to look anywhere but at him. Her hair was in disarray and still she covered her eyes.

With surgical precision, Maya knocked her hands out of her way and pinned them to the sides with one finger each. Chloe wrenched herself, trying to free her arms with all her strength, failing in the face of undeniable mass.

“Chloe, meet my husband, Hazel. Hazel, meet the bitch who got me suspended because I told her her boyfriend was cheating on her. Tell me honestly, Chlo,” Maya said, her brown locks hanging over the side of her face like some portentous storm, “He’s got a nice dick, right?”

Chloe blinked and gaped up at her, while Hazel enjoyed himself with the scene. A tiny shrunken woman completely at their mercy, despite her fighting, all while Maya coaxed and talked and worked her way round to demonstrating this former classmate her new reality.

“Wha?” Chloe said. She sounded breathless, even with how quiet her small voice was.

“His dick.” Maya snuck a glance at him and he nodded. She dabbed a finger against the tip of his cock, soaking it in precum, and Hazel let out an animalistic grunt in response. “Here you go. Remember what you used to say, girlfriends share everything?”

“No! No!” Chloe turned her head, even as she kicked and kicked and tried to free her pinned arms. “This is bullshit!”

“We can always make you smaller,” Maya said, nonchalant, even as she waved her cum-soaked finger above the woman. “Small enough I wouldn’t be able to see you. Small enough… to lose. How long do you think you’d last if I just left you here?”

Chloe paled, and it was several seconds of her starting and failing to sound out words before she said, “You wouldn’t. You can’t.”

“Can’t?” Maya’s smirk was evil and everything he could ever want. “Nah. We definitely can. Wouldn’t? Well, that’s up to you.”

Sparkling, glittery tears sprung up in Chloe’s eyes.

Without prompt Maya smeared his pre in her face. She rubbed the shrunken woman’s face, turning it back and forth, covering her in his juices. Despite rubbing her earlier along his cock, this was much more personal.

“There we go,” Maya cooed, admiring her handiwork. “Much better. You’re much better like this. So much more likable.” Her voice gained a dangerous edge. “Do you it, Chloe?”

“L-like what?” Chloe hiccuped. Her legs pressed tight as her chest heaved, desperate for her nightmare to end.

“Do you like being a slutty little toy.”

Maya nodded at Haze, and before Chloe could react, he covered her entire body with his cock. A surprised wail pierced the air before getting muffled by a mountain of dick.

“Fuck this is hot,” Hazel growled. Soft pats against his cock hooked right into the pleasure center of his brain and he groaned. Temptation begged him to follow through on Maya’s promise: shrink her smaller, so small she’d stick to him.

After a minute of rubbing himself on her, Hazel lifted his cock to admire the results of their work. Chloe’s dress was unrecognizable, ripped in many places, including her chest. A miniature pale breast poked out of her dress, while tears, makeup, and precum smeared her face. She swallowed three heavy breaths, helpless as she stared up at both him and Maya.

A second of contemplation later and Chloe sneered. She spat out one word, “Bitch.”

Maya snorted and then broke out into uncontrollable giggles.

“Bitch. Whore. Skank. Slut.” Chloe tried many words and seemed to grow more and more hysterical with the futility of each one. Finally she said, “When daddy hears about this you’ll regret it you stupid c—”

Maya didn’t give her the chance to finish. She slammed her hand atop Chloe—with all her break-a-bitches-face-in-half strength—and silenced the woman. Hazel didn’t worry though, because as Chloe found out, her new size came with some benefits. All the energy and pressure applied in that instant dissipated throughout her body, lightning quick and painful, leaving Chloe keening like a whelp even as Maya brought the woman up to her face again, pinched between two ruby-tipped fingers. She sounded dismayed that that hadn’t ended it.

“I was being nice, y’know, for old times sake,” she said, observing the way Chloe’s head lolled around with disorientation. “But I guess the kid gloves have to come off for you.”

She opened her mouth wide and angled the tiny woman towards it. Chloe fought against the fingers, voice turning nonsensical, wheedling, and panicky the closer the gaping maw got. Maya’s gaze was flinty and uncaring as she reached out with her tongue, suffocating Chloe’s whines and eneveloping the smaller woman in one gulp.

Maya moaned as her lips closed around the woman’s legs. One hand came down between her legs and Hazel smiled, delighting in her enthusiastic participation.

“What’s the plan?” he asked, eyes roving every inch of her. He could grow her, right here, right now. Grow her big enough to fit even a normal person in her mouth, and god if he didn’t want to, but this was her night, and he promised her this. Like hell was he giving into his baser urges.

Winking at him, Maya climbed onto the desk. She kicked off her footwear, slid the hem of her dress up, and shot him a sultry, inviting look. She closed her eyes and hummed, rolling Chloe around in her mouth. After a few seconds, she spat the woman out into her hand. Saliva coated the woman, even as she groaned from the thrashing she’d received via Maya’s tongue.

“You taste disgusting,” Maya said, one sliding her dress up and pulling the lining of her panties aside. “Not even good enough for that, Chlo? At least I know you can’t fuck up this next part too much. Hazel, if you’d be so kind?” She offered the shrunken woman out to him.

“Thought you’d never ask,” he said and accepted the tiny. His visceral delight in handling her was palpable after her last ditch barrage of insults.

He scooted the chair closer to the table and leaned close, lining his face up with Maya’s crotch. Chloe righted herself and scrambled to toss herself off the edge of his hand, now content to try her luck with a fall. He caught her just as she leapt, pinching her around her midsection and rolling her between two fingers like a marble. “She’s still got some fight in her,” he noted.

“Not for long.”

On seeing where she was going, Chloe started biting, kicking, punching his palm, harping about No and Stop. All of which drowned as he traced her upper body against his wife’s inner folds. Maya was wet and inviting, and her breathing turned pitched as he rubbed the little blonde against her labia much like a vibrating toy.

He smiled softly as he elicited a keen wanting noise from his wife. “So impatient,” he chided, humor in his tone.

“Bastard,” she breathed, and then gasped as he pressed Chloe’s entire body against her lips. Thigh muscles on both sides tightened as he held the fidgeting tiny against her most sensitive spot. “Tease,” she followed up with.

Chloe was tiring. She’d tried covering her head with her arms, but even the mild gentle force of Hazel guiding her against his wife’s vagina made it pointless. Her hair was matted and askew with both his juices and Maya’s, but still she resisted. It was almost admirable.

Hazel hummed with satisfaction and continued his ministrations, pausing now and then to appreciate every soft noise, including Chloe’s fruitless panting and desperate squeaks. He propped his other hand on the table and parted Maya’s labia, exposing the hooded pearl of her clit. She squirmed, herself growing impatient with his continued abeyance, at least until he brushed Chloe against her and she jerked at the sudden influx.

“She’s so small,” he crooned, twirling Chloe in his hand like a paintbrush, earning cries from both women. “And she’s all yours.”

Maya’s hand clamped down on his wrist, and he looked up to see her, radiant with a flush he’d never tire of, and with a silent, demanding face. Her nostrils flared, even as a vein in her neck pulsed with every minute twitch in his fingers.

“Please,” she whispered.

“Please,” Chloe said, in between sputtering coughs.

Satisfied he’d frustrated them both, Hazel carefully but purposefully parted Maya’s pussy lips and slid the thrashing diminutive woman in his hand up his wife headfirst. She fought him, bracing her twig arms against skin, but he and Maya were inexorable and soon her strength gave out, the last sight of her being a pair of feet kicking uselessly as he pushed her inside.

Maya shook, laughing drunkenly as her eyes rolled back and her body turned languid.

Not happy with leaving it as is, Hazel dove in, tongue eager and mouth hungry for a taste since he could remember.

Maya grabbed the back of his head, urging him closer.

“Not yet,” he chuckled, voice hushed even in the library’s placidity. “Slow down. Enjoy yourself.”

“Your fault.” Gasping, she released her grip and brought her hand back to support herself.

He brushed his mouth against her inner thigh, eliciting goosebumps where lips met skin. He moved his hands to her legs, both propped up on both sides of his head. If he strained he could almost hear Chloe yelling to be let out, her voice muffled to near indistinct.

Maya trembled and slid forward along the desk, but he kept her stable, stopping her from going over the edge.

“F-fuck,” she swore. “She’s still going.”

He continued his journey. For every minor twitch of her body, Hazel savored the reaction, a virtual vista that he’d seen both large and small and he never tired of. His lips moved ever inward. His mouth, tongue, and teeth mapped every step of the way, kissing, licking, nipping lightly the closer he got.

“Tease,” she repeated, growling the word like a curse. “I swear next time I’m— oh!”

His tongue darted out, reaching for her core. His mouth found her bush, and like the addict he was he inhaled, burying his face against the soft pubic hair inviting him to stay.

He heard Chloe even clearer now. She was panting, raging at this indignity. He wondered if she even appreciated this, how lucky she was to be with them? How small she was, to be at their mercy?

“She’s quite energetic,” he mused, trailing kisses around Maya’s mound. Each one earned him a shudder that did wonders for his ego until he reached his goal: the delicious-looking pink nub that made him hunger for her so much it hurt. Before she could react, he darted in, quick as a thief, tracing his tongue along her folds.

Maya bucked her hips again—cursing or praising, he couldn’t tell—moving into his face. Hazel luxuriated in the sounds she made as he continued his dance, licking her, rolling the flat of his tongue against her in time and in various ways to his wife’s pleas.

“Yes.” She rolled her head back, relaxing against the desk. “God yes.”

Hazel started humming, a low, even noise that moved from the back of his throat into Maya’s body. Soft pants decorated the relative stillness, punctuated now and then with a mewl that did things to his hindbrain that should be illegal.

More. He wanted more.

A meek cry for help reached him. Chloe.

“Oh, she’s moving. She’s— fuck! Fuck—she’s trying to get out.” Maya bit her lip. Her face was awash with pleasure. “She’s so small and she’s— she’s stuck!” Giggles turned to gasps. “Oh god, she feels so good.”

His face was covered in her juices but still he heard her want in her every inelegant sigh and whisper that left her lips. Despite taking the time to shrink down to normal earlier, he was once again fit to burst in his outfit even with the loosened constraints. Maya, whose base height was almost a foot shorter than him, was petite to him now. Despite that, his tongue moved, flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue, driving ever more desperate sounds from his wife with every instance.

He heard Chloe again. Stuck inside his wife, she must have felt like she struggling against a force of nature, surrounded by Maya in a way so absolute it was a wonder she hadn’t given up yet. It was forcing Maya to tense and clench to hold her in, which only ramped up the intensity as Chloe’s resistance stimulated Maya past the brink.

“She’s strong!” Maya gasped. “Oh fuck— oh yes, right there you little bitch!”

Hazel smiled against her crotch. Maya had a vindictive streak a mile wide and he loved her for it.

Not finished, Hazel brought up a hand and gently dabbed Maya’s entrance, jolting and interrupting Chloe’s desperate bid for escape. Tiny limbs prodded against his finger and with no hesitation he pushed their owner back inside. Maya’s vaginal walls throbbed as he shoved the tiny prisoner deeper, and the trembling in her body turned anticipatory.

“No!” Chloe’s muted yell reached him. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Maya please get me out please please—”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Maya interrupted. She rose on her elbows and met his own eyes. “Keep going. Keep going, please keep going Hazel, or I swear to god I’ll—”

Her sentence cut off into a pleased moan as he slid a second finger inside her. He curled both finger, and enjoyed the visceral tightening and throb of her walls as pulled back and repeated the motion.

“Fuck. Fuck.” She smacked her palm against the tabletop to brace herself from sliding. “Did you… grow again?”

“I did. Sue me.” He kissed her clit once more, earning another pleased mewl from his wife, all while he explored her inside, massaging Chloe into her soft, wet walls. He was well in the realm of the abnormal now, and he had half a mind to discard his outfit for the evening and find out just how quiet they could be at twenty, thirty, fifty feet tall and growing. “You can’t be the only one having fun.”

Just one finger and he’d pushed Chloe so deep inside his wife she had no choice but to sink into the motions. She was such a little nothing now. Did she realize this yet?

He nipped the pink nub before him as softly as he dared. Maya swore.

It was then someone entered the library, rapped their knuckles against the receptionist’s desk in four symmetrically spaced knocks, and called out, in a loud and inquisitive voice, “Maya? Are you in here?”

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Rule of Three – Foreplay

My first chaptered story on this site, and another story featuring a poly relationship!

Whereas my other story Matinee featured a (hopefully believable) throuple that likes to experiment with dates and scenarios, that are comfortable with each other, and their different sizes… this one I decided to tackle from the angle of a trio in the sapling stages of their sexual relationship—while already having a rapport with each other.

For this story, I decided to split it into three parts. Chapters essentially. The naming of the collective story and this chapter should probably be indicative about how on the nose I’m being but hopefully it’ll be a pleasant read nonetheless.

I will be updating this post with links to the other chapters as I post them as well. As much as this is meant to be a single story, I’ll also try to make each one individually consumable.

As a note, if anyone ever has constructive criticism, please don’t hesitate to mention it to me, either in a comment or in a direct email. I’m always willing to debate and talk about the finer aspects of writing, and self-improvement is a constant goal of mine.

In addition if you catch something else that should be tagged, I ask that you please let me know. I am a massive proponent of tagging and hope to do my part in making online experiences more easily accessible for everyone.

Content Warning: NSFW, Tiny woman, MF/f, Poly relationship, language, gentle, handholding, cum, entrapment with body parts, small spaces, mentions of alcohol consumption

Estimated Reading Time: 25 minutes

“Dinner’s ready!” 

“I’m coming!” she called back. “Need any help carrying things?”

Laughter drifted out from the kitchen entrance.

Out came Oscar, grinning over his shoulder and carrying a salad bowl large enough to swim in. Rena knew this because she did that the other day when Oscar and Patty spent the afternoon outside reading on their beach chairs, little makeshift pool between them.

Patricia – Patty, as only Oscar and Rena were privileged to call her – soon followed, carrying the plates and utensils. Like every night, she set out special seating: an old iPhone box she’d never tossed, cut in half along the side to be at seating height for Rena. Trimmed fabric served as the tablecloth, with a small serving dish atop it, along with a flat-bottom thimble.

“Don’t drink it all at once,” Oscar said from on high, pouring cider drops into the container with an expert hand. His hair was getting shaggy, but Rena could still make out his sharp cheeks and playful smile. “I don’t want to lug you around everywhere if you get too drunk. You’re heavy.”

She was smaller than his thumb.

“You poor thing,” Rena said, rolling her eyes. “Your life is so difficult, having me around.”

“Don’t poke too much fun at him,” Patty said. She stood over the table in a loose navy top, arranging things here and there, too large and too swift for Rena to catch it all. “You know how sensitive he is. Wouldn’t want him to sit on you.”

Rena perked up at that. “Can he? Tonight? Not now, I’m starving, but uh, later?”

A loud clattering of a fork hitting a plate gave away Oscar’s reaction. He recovered faster than Rena could turn in her seat to see him, but she didn’t miss the luminescent blush creep up along his neckline.

Oscar and Patty traded glances, and the latter cleared her throat. Avoiding Rena’s pointed stare, she said, “We should eat. The food’s getting cold.”

“You made a salad.”

“Quiet, you.”

A sprite, they called her when they came upon her last year. A little pixie. Rena didn’t know what to say. Her people had a history, but they never needed to name themselves. She’d only ever known the enormous creatures that looked like her, talked like her, and fucked like her were called humans.

Was it serendipity or fate that she crossed their paths? And did it matter?

The serving dish, something that could fit in Oscar’s palm with room to spare, was enormous compared to Rena, but still the smallest item they had for her. It filled her makeshift table, the healthy greens and cheese shreds piled well above Rena’s head, with a single crouton as large as her chest on the outskirt of the dish, and a small dollop of dressing for flavor.

Rena tore through the entire mass of food as fast as she could, before gulping down the entire thimble’s contents in one long chug worthy of a frat house ovation.

“Excitable tonight, aren’t we?” Oscar said, breaking the silence.

He speared a piece of lettuce, bringing it up to his mouth, and Rena didn’t bother filtering the lewd thoughts that rose at the sight. Oscar had a beautiful mouth. The kind Rena wanted to bury herself in. She often wondered what it’d be like to have his lips kiss her entire body against Patty’s vulva, press her against the skin soft and— 

“Why don’t you sit close to me for the rest of dinner, Ree?” Patty said, speaking up. Blue eyes as open and depthless as the sky fixed on Rena, their owner’s smile secretive and knowing. “Spend some girl time bonding.”

Rena sighed. “I suppose.”

Patty shot her a flat look. “Little minx.”

“Proud of it too.”

Rena rose from her seat – a whittled wooden bench that Oscar made for her months ago – and stretched. She stretched up, up, up with her arms and arched her back in such a way as to flaunt her tits at both her prospective giant lovers. Out of sheer coincidence her outfit, a toga style dress pinned at her shoulder, came loose and slid down her body.

“Whoops!” Rena made a show of shimmying out of the piled cloth, bending down to grab it, and exposing her ass to Oscar, who she was sure would blush and maybe even stammer and-

The table shook. A chair dragged across the floor. 

The next thing she knew Rena was going up instead of bending down, with two massive pincers made of flesh grabbing her round the middle, lifting her like she was a figurine. Each finger was more than twice her size and the overwhelming certainty that she was powerless here, at the mercy of this giant, gripped her mind.

Thump thump, went her heart.

Fuck fuck, went her libido.

Oscar turned her around to face him. Rena was momentarily stunned to be so close to him, with his eyes like warm coals and his cheeks’ delicate sharpness. The remnants of his blush were still there, unhidden to her who saw everything even at her size.

“Behave,” he said, with the tone of someone who expected to be heard.

He carried her over to his wife and dropped her into Patty’s waiting palm.

“Oof!” She bounced and scrambled to orient herself upright, watching Oscar retreat to his seat.

He sat down with a harrumph, a feigned discontent that Rena saw through, but that moment, those seconds of being entirely within his grasp to do with as he pleased, etched themselves into Rena’s mind. 

“I think you touched a nerve,” Patty whispered conspiratorially. Her heart-shaped face leaned in and washed over Rena with her voice. “What did you expect would happen?”

“Not that,” Rena said, rubbing her rear. Patty’s hands were wonderfully soft, but Oscar had dropped her without warning. “I didn’t think he had it in him.”

“You’ve been challenging him all day, dear.” Patty’s fingers curled up around her, a cage of flesh and bone akin to the old tales. She felt more on display, somehow, in her hand. “Should I be jealous?”

She smirked down at Rena at that last part and before she could react her world upended once more. Rena tumbled through the air, arms wheeling, veering close to Patty’s top but still too far to grasp. She flew past buttons like rock outcroppings and down into the small open valley between her girlfriends legs.

Rena hit the chair seating with an oof and an ow, all her clever ripostes and raunchy thoughts driven from her mind like the air from her lungs. She had a few seconds to stop and admire the view of Patty’s legs rising on either side of her like great walls in a crevasse, light fixture shining beyond the shadow of Patty’s face, before Oscar spoke up.

“Did you really just drop her between your legs?”

“I did.” Patty looked down at her, wicked smile still in place. “She looks much more comfortable here. How’s the view down there, Rena?”

Rena’s response was a mix of eep and gugh.

One redwood-sized leg eked closer, closing the gap by what was probably a paltry amount to Patty, but the entire length of Rena’s body in one go.

Rena tried to make a noise but her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. It was getting very warm there, so close to Patty’s core, and though her giant friend still wore her sensible pants that did nothing to prevent the intense invisible pressure against her mind.

Oscar grumbled something Rena failed to catch, and Patty’s response was giggling.

“Oh, like you weren’t thinking the same thing yourself,” she said.

Her legs closed together this time, twice the distance as before and both of them at once. Rena’s breath hitched, seeing the massive plateau’s of Patty’s thighs enclose her further into darkness. Left and right were all she was left with—front and back were dominated by Patty’s overwhelmingly massive thighs.

And to her left was a winding, tightening hall of body and leg, leading to a place Rena had been dreaming about for months.

A shadow fell over her as she debated her choices going forward. Patty held a glass of cider in her hand on high, still full. Her girlfriend swirled the contents a little too much and spilled out on the side, dousing her with enough cider to drown a person.

And just like that the ramping sensual ambiance dissipated.

“Crap,” Patty said, pushing her chair out. She rose, freeing Rena from between her legs, and grabbed a cloth napkin, dabbing frantically. “Crap! Rena, babe, are you okay? I didn’t hurt you with that, did I?”

“I’m- ack– fine!” Rena said through gulping mouthfuls of cloth and alcohol. She always metabolized the drink fast enough to never worry for her health, but still the fumes and scent of apples was strong enough to leave her dizzy. “No worries – blech – here. Just peachy.”

“Sounds more like you’re appley,” Oscar said coming round the side. He put a hand on Patty’s shoulder, pausing her well-intentioned, but unhelpful attempts at care. “Why don’t you go throw those in the laundry, hun. I’ll take care of Ree.”

It was amazing how much Rena saw of their reactions, perhaps even more than they were aware of. She saw the minor twitch in Patty’s expression, an unconscious clench of her jaw, before she nodded. A sheen of something glassy appeared in Patty’s eyes before she turned and walked away, relenting.

Oscar grabbed a fresh napkin and kneeled on the floor, putting his face a lot more level with hers. With surprising forwardness, he guided Rena to an upright sitting position and began patting her gently with the cloth.

“Sorry about that,” Oscar mumbled. He was cupping one hand around her like a supporting wall while the other dried her. “She’s been on edge all day.”

“Is Patty upset with me or something?” Rena asked. She’d been fine until she spilled the cider, but if she was, if Rena had pushed too hard with her offers and questions, she’d never forgive herself.

His reply was instant. “What? No, of course not.” He dropped the napkin and ran a hand through his hair, keeping his other one at her back, still close, comforting. “She’s just… nervous. She was trying to be playful and I guess she’s worried she got carried away.”

He resumed his cleaning, this time slower, more purposeful. His touch was absolute and powerful like the pulse of a mountain, but still the care he showed was immutable.

“I thought you were the nervous one, tonight,” Rena admitted. “You’re always the one who blushes whenever I talk about it. Us. Together.”

He was striking, all pensive and thoughtful like this, and Rena wondered if he sensed the thunderbeat of her heart through the cloth.

“Of course I blush,” he muttered. His lips quirked up as his cloth hand settled on her chest. “In case you haven’t noticed Ree, I’m very attracted to both of you. You’re not supposed to be possible, but yet, here you are.” He threw the cloth aside, and scooped Rena up with the hand at her back. She leaned into his palm, nuzzling against his warmth “I could live with you for a thousand years and still find a reason to clam up whenever you two mess with me.”

“I don’t tease you that often,” she protested. 

“You told me earlier yesterday you wished you could sleep under my balls every night. You also said you shouldn’t because you’d be too horny.”

“I stand by what I said,” she said, defensively. “I still love thinking about that time you didn’t see me in your chair. I was trapped for hours.”

Oscar chuckled, a baritone locomotive sound that would lull any free-thinking pixie to sleep. “It’s like you’re trying to drive me crazy.”

Her thoughts turned to mush as he rose, carrying her with him. The world swiveled into shades of eggshell and mahogany as Oscar walked out into the living room, dinner forgotten. Still, she stayed still, trapped but not quite in a grip so massive it dwarfed the caverns back home.

His shirt was a robin’s eggshell blue, a full button up that pulled taut at his chest and reached up to his collar in crisp, clean lines. It was also Rena’s favorite. A wide expanse of a color as soft as that, a perfect representation of Oscar himself.

Her ruminations cut short as he, still holding her in his upturned palm, stretched and kicked back, planting his heels on the coffee table. With a gentleness that belied that strength and power he possessed her deposited on his chest, leaning back in his seat, as if relaxing for the first time that day.

“I can barely feel you on top of me,” Oscar mumbled, head against the sofa and eyes closed. “I have to focus. Tip tap, tip tap. That’s what you walking on my chest feels like.”

“Y-yeah.” At some point in the evening she’d lost control, but she couldn’t pinpoint when. “Well, maybe it’d help if you weren’t wearing a shirt.”

He huffed. “So eager to get me naked.”

“Can you blame me?” Rena looked up and down at the vertiginous length of his body. “I mean, damn.

“You’re going to make me blush again,” he said, even though he sounded as comfortable with her as he did with his wife.

“Never not going to enjoy that.” Rena ventured close to one of his buttons. Despite the fabric, she made out the pitched rise of bumps along her soles. Goosebumps.

“We’re lucky,” he said, king of non sequitur. His head lolled to the side as he looked at the bedroom doorway. “Wouldn’t you say so, honey?”

A light switched off, dousing the room in momentary darkness, leaving Rena with only the enormous life of Oscar’s chest as her single guiding sensation while her sight adjusted.

Shadows shifted on the edge of perception, but whereas that would have filled Rena to the brim with terror of unknown dangers, the only anxiety left to her was the hanging expectation of what the evening entailed.

Shapes and noise happened in the darkness and she heard the knock of wood of Patty putting something on the coffee table, followed by the single brilliant flare of the humans’ television blinking into existence like a solitary star.

“Very lucky,” Patty said. She slid into the seat beside Oscar, snuggling in close, causing nary a tremble in his steady hand. “Can’t say what we’d do without you, Ree.”

She’d let her hair down from before, a single black elastic adorning her wrist. Comfortable baby blue cotton pajamas and a much looser faded white top replaced her previous attire. Her collar hung down, stopping just above the swell of her breasts, curls swirling in enticing vines that Rena longed to climb.

In a word, stunning.

Oscar moved slowly to not disturb Rena, and wrapped an arm around his wife, squeezing her once as if to reassure her she was okay.

“Better?” he murmured. On the screen, words and meaningless pictures continued their routine sequence.

“A little,” Patty said, inching closer. Her head fell into the crook of his shoulder and it was like being up and center to a jumbo screen of loveliness. She’d washed out her makeup too. “How did you know I needed that?”

“Intuition.” Rena watched him run his hand along Patty’s scalp. “And ten years of knowing you.”

“Sorry about earlier,” Patty said, directing the words at Rena, who clung to Oscar’s shirt button like a life-preserver. “I’ve just been nervous. About tonight. Everything.” She paused and carefully said, “You’re still naked. Why are you still naked?”

Rena waited for Oscar to offer an explanation. 

It took her too long to realize he wasn’t going to. Both he and Patty were consciously involving her in the conversation.

These two…

“That’s what happens when you get showered in alcohol,” Rena said, aware of the clog of emotion in her throat. She coughed, trying to regain some of her previous insouciance. “By the way, Oscar’s a perv. He’s been manhandling me this whole time. Picking me up, touching me, he’s insatiable.”

“Guilty,” said the mountain in question. “Also, in the interest of full disclosure: I liked it. You’re very sexy, Ree.”

“See? Insatiable.” Rena bit her lip. “But just so we’re clear, I liked it too. He’s very gentle.”

Patty’s giggle was delicious. “Just wait until you really get him going, the man’s a brute.”

She knew.

There was no hiding Patty and Oscar’s intimate moments from her, and she often joined them in her mind, with deft fingers and a fresh supply of sounds and words to fill her spirit for hours.

“…that’s what I’m hoping for,” she said, filling the awkward gap from her lack of response. 

Oscar coughed, a minor sonic boom this close to his face, and she tumbled down a couple inches, only stopping once Patty put her hand in the way.

Rena closed her eyes, leaning into the body behind her.

They were both so warm.

They stayed like that for a time, chattering about nothing, seconds stretching into minutes, the warm haze of their collective aura wrapping around Rena like a personal hug.

The slope of their bodies rose and fell in long-stretches of inhales and releases, synchronized.

She was doomed from the moment she met them. 

She’d seen other humans – met others just as physically powerful as these two, just as attractive, just as big – who’d fulfill every one of her personal fantasies but never had she met two who could reassure her with their heartbeat.

She didn’t even care what, if anything, followed these moments. Oscar’s body was the perfect cushion and Patty’s nimble fingers, rubbing at her back in a pleasant soothing rhythm, were enough for Ren, who was lost in the lush reality of life with them.

“Getting sleepy, are we?” Patty said, breaking the spell and lifting her hand. Rena yelped at the sudden absence of support at her back but didn’t fall this time, instead clinging to the twill fabric material of Oscar’s shirt. A single massive finger came down on her back and pressed her against him, twisting as if to make her squirm. “I thought tonight was your idea?”

Rena gasped, propping her arms beneath to push herself up, but there was no use. Patty’s lone finger overpowered her entirely. Heat bloomed in her chest as she fought the pressure, but made no progress.

“I-I thought you weren’t-” she bit down a moan as her nipples hardened, pushed against Oscar’s idle massiveness, “-feeling like it. Fuck.

The last word left her in a keen of whine and frustration, a special kind of agony. Her thoughts were melting the longer Patty pinned her down, and Rena could only revel in every second, swayed by the torrent.

“Don’t be mean,” Oscar chided, high above and benevolent giant that he was. “I thought we were going to be nice to her tonight?”

The finger practically fusing her with his material stopped and lifted. Rena gasped, sucking in a revitalizing breath without Patty’s weight holding her down, but all that did was fill her mind with the scent and thoughts of both of them and she had to bite down on her lip to stifle the urge to call for something she couldn’t even name.

“Ree?” Patty asked, all tease gone. “I’m sorry, was that too much? If I went overboard I-”

Rena stopped her right there. 

“No! No, that was…” She couldn’t put a name to what that was. All she knew was that she wanted more. Like a fire, she burned with a want that had no word in any tongue she knew of. Everything she could think of fell short of the actual experience so she just said, “I liked that.”

And that was just her finger.

“You really did, didn’t you?”

Rena shivered against Oscar’s shirt. Her core was molten, stoked awake from its near slumber, and she desperately wanted to touch herself, to see if this wasn’t just some dream but reality.

She flipped onto her back and sucked in more air. Her skin caught fire where it touched the fabric of Oscar’s shirt, and Patty’s finger hung like a lumbering omen above her, waiting to descend once more.

Unbidden, she reached up and brushed her hand against the ridges and passive heat of Patty’s solitary digit. If she closed her eyes she could picture it, the life that awaited beyond the evening. The life she wanted.

“I really liked that,” she said, stronger this time. “That was… yes.”

Yes was the closest thing that fit.

The land beneath her roiled in amusement as Oscar huffed.

Patty rolled her eyes, but didn’t look away from Rena. There was something unique and thrilling about being the simultaneous focus of their attention.

“Well then,” she mused, tapping her lips with the same finger that trapped Rena, “I guess I can keep going then.”

Oscar’s chest vibrated as he hummed and asked, “What’re you thinking?”

There was no mistaking the practically audible twang of his muscles pulling taut when Patty cupped his crotch.

His breathing hitched the minutest amount possible, but Rena still saw it, saw it and felt it, with how the skin beneath his shirt shook with wanton desire.

Not content with merely surprising him, Patty angled her head to place her lips on his neck. Words not even Rena could hear fell from her lips, culminating in a lingering kiss that grazed the side of his bobbing Adam’s apple.

“Minx,” he growled.

“Mmm, you love me.”

Next thing she knew Oscar was clearing his throat and adjusting himself, pulling up in his seat and sending Rena tumbling down the slope of his body once more. Buttons streamed past, faster than a raging river, and still the predominant sound in her ears was the breathy gasp Oscar let out as Patty started kissing his neck in earnest.

Rena came to stop at the base of his torso, thrown about and disoriented.

She looked up the human hill she’d just fallen down, somewhere between disappointed she didn’t have the chance to burn the experience into her mind for proper revisiting, and eager for what came next.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” Oscar whispered in response to yet another wicked set of words Rena didn’t catch from Patty, who looked like she was having the time of her life whispering nothings into his ear. “Fuck.”

Patty’s response was a throaty chuckle. Her fingers danced from his collar down his shirt, deftly undoing each button faster that Rena could track. A thin trail of tantalizing skin emerged beneath the folds of the shirt, ending right where Rena sat.

“A little help?” Patty asked, hand dancing in the air above Rena.

Without another word Rena leapt to her feet and ran up the incline of his abdomen.

She reached under the edge of the button and flipped it up like a tire, hefting it against her upright body. The cotton fabric of his shirt slid under the bottom but stopped eventually, wedged between his body and the button before it fully slipped out.

“Why don’t I help you.”

Next thing she knew Oscar’s massive hand was batting her away, and a thumb and forefinger were pinching the same button she was struggling with just then.

Patty grabbed his hand, stopping him.

Oscar met his wife’s eyes, curious.

“I can do it,” Rena called out. Both of them turned to her. “No, really, I can.”

A second of hesitation before Oscar relented, drawing his hand away.

Rena attacked that button with twice as much gusto as before.

She wrenched the button upright once again, leveraging it against her hips for support. The shirt cloth jammed under it again, but this time, Rena pulled the piece of plastic, wrenching it as high as she could, sliding it over the opening in the shirt bit by painstakingly difficult bit.

This wasn’t just a chance at some extra titillation by getting Oscar shirtless, this was something else. Something important. She needed to pass this trial for herself if nothing else.

The opening in the cloth slid under the hard plastic and, whether through her own efforts or a little extra push from Oscar, the button snapped through the aperture in one silky smooth motion. Patty threw the shirt flaps aside, flicking Rena down to just above his beltline and exposing the vast expanse of his torso, the hills and ridges of the human form, a beguiling rise and fall of his chest signifying his increasingly harsh breaths.

Rena nearly passed out at the sight of it.

Patty’s hand landed on his belly. Skilful fingers, each longer than Rena was tall, started dancing, waltzing their way up his body, trailing gooseflesh wherever they touched.

“Go ahead,” Oscar said, amused, “you can touch, Ree.”

She got to her feet and took a tentative step forward. His bare skin wasn’t just warm, it was hot. Less sweltering and more comfort, the kind of heat she could linger and find shelter in.

Another step. And another. And soon Rena was leaping across him. There was so much space, so much to touch and if this wasn’t everything she asked for then she was dreaming and didn’t want to wake up. So excited was she that she missed the growing shadow.

Rena let out a sudden but honest eep as Patty’s hand eclipsed her view of the world and pressed her against her giant lover once more. Except this time there wasn’t a thin excuse of a shirt barring her from him and the experience was glorious.

Oscar let out a groan, a sonic boom of sound that spiked and stopped her struggling.

“You’re liking this,” Patty teased, voice coming in sultry and teasing. “Does seeing her down there, on top of you, so small, turn you on then? Do you like feeling her squirm against you?” She lifted her hand once more, and Rena followed the trajectory of her limb. It settled against and cupped a massive swelling bulge in his pants. “Or are you just happy to see me?”

Rena stared, captivated with creasing pant folds and the mounting hill emerging from his crotch.

Patty’s fingers found the zipper and, with a casual strength Rena could never hope to match, began unzipping, tooth by tooth.

Holy fuck, he was still getting bigger.

“You’re thinking about it now,” Patty said, halfway done. Oscar was breathing hard, subsumed and at her mercy. “What do you want to do first, hmm? Want to put her on top of your cock, have her squirm, see how long she can last before she falls down?” A grunt, and the slightest buck of his hips that told Rena everything he thought of that idea. “Or how about we see if she even can lift you up. I bet you could just cover her with your cock and-”

Rena didn’t give her time to finish. She got to her feet and sprinted, springing off muscle and nerve like hot coals, her own body hot and wanting and utterly enraptured by the engorged sight still held back by his boxers.

A veritable cage of fingers snatched her up when she was an inch away from her prize.

“Someone’s excited,” Patty teased. The hand around Rena tightened, dangling her over Oscar’s bulging cock, straining to escape. “Look, honey, she’s so eager.”

“No!” Rena couldn’t help but cry out. She reached for his boxers, helpless in her girlfriend’s grip. “Dammit, Patty, let me go! Let me go!

“As you wish.”

And then Rena was being dropped on top of the twitching, writhing mass, and it was all she could do not to fall off.

“God, you’re a tease,” Oscar groaned. It was unclear who he was referring to.

“I’m just giving her the full tour,” Patty said, laughing lightly. “Frustrated?”

‘Bitch,’ Rena thought without any heat. It was hard to deny that Patty’s attitude wasn’t effective at driving up the tension.

She wormed her way along the bulge towards the button, biting her lip as she rode up the underside of Oscar’s cock. Her thighs ached with exertion, arms turning sore the longer she climbed, unable or unwilling to let the entire evening be dictated by Patty.

Goddess above, Oscar was so big. Rena knew she should have expected it, considering how he and Patty’s pinkie finger dwarfed her, but knowing was different from experiencing and judging by the throbbing mass she was riding all her dreams and fantasies were going to take on a reality she wasn’t sure she was prepared for.

“You can do it,” Patty teased. She eagerly watched Rena, a kind of visceral lust and fascination vivid in every microexpression on her enormous face.

Oscar looked like it was taking every ounce of concentration not to just start jerking off with Rena in hand. That hazy look disappeared as Patty cupped her face and pulled him in for a soul-searing kiss that raised the temperature of the room by several degrees and raised him even more.

Thick pulsing throbs lit up against her inner thigh and that made her grind her hips against him in return, eliciting a moan that of guttural pleasure and hunger. Rena tucked her head against the fabric of his boxers, overcome with emotion.

She did this. She and Patty.

She resumed her grind against his hidden cock, and at last reached the apex of his erection, hidden by a single button. A small wet stain of pre-cum decorated the area, and it took everything she had not to just sink her face against it and inhale like the greedy woman she was.

The button was slick, either with sweat or something else, and it took her a couple seconds to grasp it properly. It was smaller than the shirt button, only as small as her head, but her arms strained to lift it up and slide it through its opening.


And then the world turned upside down once more and flipped Rena onto her back. Oscar’s dick sprung free, massive and heavy and throbbing, and by the goddess he was coming right for her— 

Patty intervened, wrapping her hand around the cock thicker than Rena was tall, saving her from getting smacked by the member.

“You okay, babe?” Patty asked. She squeezed Oscar’s cock, once, twice, and slid her hand up and down his shaft in a slow, languorous movement. “This monster here scare you off?”

“Not on your life,” Rena said.

“Atta girl.”

The hand groping Oscar pumped him hard, eliciting another long, low groan from the man.

“Tease,” he mumbled. Rena couldn’t see over the tower of cock stretching high above her, but the air vibrated with tension from every inch of his skin, in tune with the way he jerked to Patty’s ministrations. “Where’d she—fuck!—end up?”

“Oh just between your legs,” Patty said idly, as if she were talking about the weather.

Oscar bucked as she let go, instead opting to trail the entire length of his dick from base to head with one finger. Rena watched the whole byplay hungrily, the crevasse walls of his open legs widening just a hair. The musk from his crotch suffused the air around her, dizzying her, and if the night ended like this, trapped between Oscar’s legs while Patty jerked him off to completion then Rena would be forever happy.

She walked closer, fascinated with the sight. Oscar hung out and over her, a pillar of cock and sex, far more flesh and skin than she’d ever stimulate on her own, all being slowly driven to madness by the soft sensual strokes of Patty’s hand.

“You like this, love?” Patty asked. A breathy, pleased gasp escaped her. “Want to help?”

Rena nodded dumbly. She swallowed the lodge in her throat and asked, “How?”

The hand jerking the building-sized cock stopped, thumb and forefinger forming a ring around the upper half of the shaft. Then, like a drawbridge of flesh and muscle, Patty started lowering it. It was slow, deliberate, and Rena shuddered, realizing perhaps for the first time in its entirety just how utterly miniscule she was compared to them.

There was plenty of time to move. Plenty of time to step back, let the dick descend into empty space, and appreciate it from a safe distance, but Rena didn’t.

At first it was light, just a brush with something spongy and stretchy and heavy. Then the weight increased, from easily shrugged off to the full pressure of a dick many times larger than her. She pushed, lifted the cock off a minimal amount, and then had her arms forced apart and spread out, smothered by the absoluteness of Oscar’s cock.

Even with her arms and legs outspread, her body was covered entirely by him, held there by the gentle pressure of Patty’s hand. The coarse material of the couch bit at Rena’s back like fibrous teeth, but even that distraction was nothing.

She felt the pulsating thrum and rush of blood rushing through his cock with her entire body, a rock concerto of lust and with her own heart as the drumbeat. Something slick slithered down from above, drenching her short ruby red hair and sticking it to the side of her face.

Oscar writhed above her, a movement that would’ve registered on the Richter scale for the relative difference between them. Pre-cum covered her face and slid down the rest of her body, and if she wasn’t theirs before she was now.

“Doesn’t she feel good?” Patty said, voice muffled by the wall of dick around Rena. “Can you feel her? Can you feel her while you grind her and—”

“Shit!” Oscar cut in, voice urgent. “Patty, I- I’m gonna—”

A wet sloppy sound interrupted him, followed by a subsonic noise that almost wasn’t human.

“Cum,” Patty urged, “Do it, honey. Cum for us.”

The pressure flourished, rising slow and sure as dawn breaking over the edge of the world. Any space available to her diminished in portion, and soon the air turned thin and empty. The weight above wasn’t painful, but it was absolute, and the more she pushed and fought against the cock holding her down the more her energy left.


A husky laugh. “Careful not to drown her, love.”

Jizz dribbled down into the compact space available to Rena, and there was nowhere to run to, nowhere to crawl. A single massive hand scooped her up and through the brief visibility she had of the room, Rena made out Oscar, panting wildly and helpless in Patty’s hands as she squeezed Rena against the still throbbing cock like she were nothing but a toy. Cum covered her whole body, drenching her, and it was so much.

“Ah… ah… ah…”

Who was that, Oscar or Rena? At a certain point, covered in as much of him as she was, did it matter?

Oscar’s dick lifted up and away from her, rising through the air like a crane-lifted beam. Her skin tingled like a live wire as she watched, vulnerable and raw like no other time in her life.

Come back, she wanted to say. Wanted, but couldn’t, because she just felt numb and blissed.

Rena closed her eyes and fell into the sway of their breaths once more.

Yes, she was doomed from the moment she met them.

“I love you,” she whispered, too quiet for her lovers to hear, but meaningful all the same.

And she wouldn’t have it any other way.