Below are my short stories, listed in order of posting on this website. If you are looking for my multi-chapter stories, please click here.

Little Mary’s Strings

A woman, a city, and what follows. My CruelJan20 entry for the quarterly SizeRiot.


NSFW, giantess, violence, death, gore, vore, crush, body modification, noncon, psychological cruelty


A throuple’s date night goes happily awry as one woman decides to tease her large and small partners.


NSFW, Growth, Shrink, M/ff, Poly relationship, language, gentle

It Begins With a Smile

A tiny man and a giant throw their respective king’s plans for the farcical “peace talks” askew.
My GiantJuly19 entry for the quarterly SizeRiot.


giant man, tiny/shrunken man, gentle, M/m, brief F/m interaction, NSFW, mentions of past violence

Lift Me Up, Raise Me Gently

A woman enjoys her last day of work with the help of her very eager husband. A #KinkyScribble story.


giant man, nsfw, sexy, cum, M/f, brief M/m, gentle, language, established relationship, toxic work environment

Breathe With Me

A sizeshifter undergoes a stressful experience while working from home, and needs some help. A #KinkyScribble story


sfw, panic attacks, F/nb, established relationship, sizeshifting, mentions of non-sexual nudity, shrinking

Lotus Eater

There is nothing more Cana could want, than her idyllic life with a giantess. My GentleApril20 entry for the quarterly SizeRiot.


giantess, F/f, gentle, NSFW, giantess, failed relationship, gaslighting, language, nudity, panic attack, rescue, ambiguous ending


A quick scribble that came to me on a night I don’t remember. A gentle shrinking piece.


shrink, SFW, 2nd person pov, gentle


Marisol asks her personal trainer out on a date, gains a new perspective, and has her first workout of the new year all in one morning.


giant man, shrunken woman, M/f, mini giant, dubcon (dubious consent), shrinking, playful domination, praise kink, some objectification, gentle, mouthplay, dry humping, toy insertion, overstimulation, NSFW