Multi Chapter

Below are my chaptered stories, listed in order of posting on this website. If you are looking for my oneshot/single-chapter stories, please click here

Rule of Three

It’s their first night, and Rena is torn between thinking she’s dreaming, ogling her giant lovers, and enjoying herself. She opts for the latter.
Status: In Progress
Chapters: 1/3


NSFW, Tiny woman, MF/f, Poly relationship, language, gentle, handholding, cum, entrapment with body parts, small spaces, mentions of alcohol consumption

Who We Were; Who We Are

A couple attends a reunion, hoping for a peaceful night. As the night progresses, they learn they are the only ones to have grown beyond their former selves.
Status: In Progress
Chapters: 2/5


giant couple, NSFW, MF/f, MF/m, MF/mf, growth, shrink, cruel, insertion, oral sex, humiliation, domination, noncon, clothes ripping, sexist slurs, former bullying and harassment, language, alcohol use, pain, established relationship.