I have a document multiple pages long with pitches, lines, and ideas for #SizeKink stories: some gentle, some cruel, some smutty, and some soft. I call that document The Pit because it’s a hole I keep digging myself into.

This is just one such piece from that document. I hope you enjoy it.

Content Warnings: shrink, SFW, 2nd person pov, gentle

Estimated Reading Time: < 5 minutes

There is no word for the feeling of skin on skin in an embrace so careful it’s poetry. If there was, it’d be a wonderful, sexy word: capable of drawing the beginning and end of their body, the pleased hum of their heartbeat as it grows and grows and you shrink and shrink.

Your lips are parched with a thirst for affection only they can return, as you dwindle, and fall, and become something precious in their arms. Is that a blush? Are you warm? Is that hitch in their breath one of care, one of dare, or both?

It’s not long before they are holding you aloft, your feet kicking and swinging in the air, and still they hold you, murmuring all the things they want to do with you. Assurances and wishes and kisses.

They look at you like something wonderful, and their stare is hot, and stirs feelings in you so strong it’s a diving freefall into smallness. Their palm holds you now, and you lay aspread, gasping. Even that isn’t enough. they hold you to their chest, right below their heart.

You expect a colossal heartbeat but instead it feels like pulses of love leaping from them to you by touch. It’s not long before they can hold you with a finger at your back, the softness of their skin at your front, a plush heat that surrounds and protects and treasures.

There is no word for the feeling of your tiny body reaching for every piece of them, and their enormity clutching you close. The closest that comes to mind is one: Safe.

3 thoughts on “Freefall

  1. This is a sweet, gentle work that shows such a tender perspective! Shrinking is often thought of as a traumatizing, mind-altering event, but you show that it doesn’t have to be so. It can also be a loving occurrence, not devoid of questions, but containing all the right answers. Well done!

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    1. Thank you! You’re correct that often shrinking is often treated as traumatizing, but I often wonder how it can be more. Sizechange is always an emotionally driven experience for me, and I’m glad this piece–short as it is–helps highlight one of the softer perspectives.

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