KinkyScribble: Lift Me Up, Raise Me Gently

I’m jumping on the #KinkyScribble train here. Before I talk about this story and how it came to be, here’s some quick numbers

Writing: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Editing Time: 30 minutes

I think going forward this I’m going to stick to that 1/4 ratio of writing/editing time for a #KinkyScribble. I certainly could have spent a considerable amount of time touching this up, but I know myself and I know I would have wanted to expand this story up, which…is probably not what the story deserved.

It’s a story that deserves to be raw and unfiltered and which I think is better for the lack of polish. It certainly sprang from my head fast enough, so I can only assume it wanted to exist as is. I was just the vehicle by which this idea was written. So, forgive the rushed editing, haha.

Over on Twitter, the fantastic Elle Largesse (and if you aren’t already following her, stop and go do that now) posed the question of “What’s a size do [I] rarely explore?” and “What’s a thing [I] love to do at other sizes, that would be strange or significantly different at that size?”

My answer to that first one was “city-size” but really I actually have a bit of trouble with anything large than a small house. The sense of scale is so difficult to convey properly. So, for this scenario, I went for a happy medium between my usual size and a city.

My answer to the second was “visiting the spouse at work”

I hope you enjoy the story. Mind the tags please!

Content Warning: giant man, nsfw, sexy, cum, M/f, brief M/m, gentle, language, established relationship, mentions of toxic work environment

Estimated Reading Time: 17 mins

Clara smiled prettily at Todd, ignoring the way he gave her a once over in the middle of his conversation with his secretary, and sat down at her desk. She logged in to her computer and let herself enjoy the thirty seconds of peace before the five minutes of hell she needed to endure began.

She counted it out in her head.

Three… two… one…

“Clara, can I see you in my office?”

And there it was. Five minutes. That’s all she needed to wait out without breaking his teeth.

She affixed a perfect plastic smile to her face and said, “Sure thing, Todd.”

“It’s Mr. Hannigan now, dear.”

Opportunistic fucker, Clara thought instead.

If she hadn’t seen the proof of it herself, she’d never have believed Todd had gone over her head with the unfinished project she’d been working on presenting to the 42nd floor. The fucker had someone clone her entire system, including all the private files she’d been compiling for weeks, and he’d called in a favor to have a private meeting with the 42nd floor a full week before herself.

He hadn’t even scrubbed the most basic identifying details out of the various powerpoint presentations before claiming it as his own. It’s just that no one would believe it’d been her idea this whole time. Nor would they care. All they’d see is a brunette’s pair of tits instead of the business pantsuit and triple PhD’s.

Marco was right, she needed a new job.

Which is where today came in.

The door to Todd’s new office – what should have been her office – was heavy glass with a stainless steel handle. It and the entire wall offered the inhabitants a perfect clear-cut view of the floor, while obscuring the inside from the opposite direction through some one-way fog effect. It took every bit of restraint Clara had not to smash the door.

Todd sat in his chair. It was a lush, high-backed leather monstrosity. Clara hated it on sight.

“Please sit,” he said, gesturing to the fancy looking but uncomfortable guest chairs in front of his desk. The asshole specifically picked them out for their price and discomfort. Clara knew this because she overheard him bragging about it at the watercooler two days ago. Called it part of his assertive management style. “I have a concern about your progress.”

She stared at him. She catalogued every aspect of his face. The frat boy smugness that never sloughed off once he got his first taste of the real world, the arrogant confidence that came from thinking he got one over her and she was none the wiser.

“What about my progress, Todd?” she said. She made sure to enunciate everything perfectly. She’d put on her favorite shade of lipstick today – a ruby as vivid as her own rage – and judging by how Todd shifted in his seat, he’d noticed.

“Call me Mr. Hannigan, Clara,” Todd said. “I’m your superior now. I don’t want to be unprofessional.”

Clara tilted her head and smiled, not saying anything.

“Anyway, me and the guys up on forty-two-”

She counted the time out in her mental clock. About three minutes, she wagered.

“-we got to talking over drinks and-”

In the windows behind Todd, she saw the first sign. A tall, dark shape rising in the horizon. Dark shaggy hair as wild as a lion’s mane draping down its back. Debris tumbled down its shoulders like a living avalanche.

“-we’re thinking the timetable we’re on isn’t going to work.”

Clara tore her eyes away from the shape manifesting on the horizon. With the sun at her back, it was easy to dismiss the heat rising through her body as the result of poor chair positioning. Another Todd idea.

“What do you mean the timetable doesn’t work?” she said, one eye on Todd and another drinking in the sight of Marco stretching and reaching high for the heavens. He definitely overshot it with the serum, but it wasn’t like Clara was complaining.

“I mean, the guys like the idea, but they want the proof of concept out faster. I mean, we’re talking about something that’ll revolutionize our entire industry. We can’t let it fester in the pipeline for too long. Corporate espionage is a thing.”

Oh, she knew that. Sitting in front of her was the human garbage that proved it.

One minute, maybe less. The floor trembled a little more with every one of Marco’s strides.

“Hey, Todd?”

Todd drew himself up, trying to look intimidating and just looking constipated.

“Really, Clara, you can’t keep calling me Todd anymore. I know you have a little crush on me from when I used to work under you-”

Ugh, someone gag her. Quick.

“-but this informality isn’t appropriate. I am in a happily committed relationship with Janet-”

Janet broke up with him just last week. Something about how he thought oral was “too demeaning” for men and didn’t ever let her get a word in. Clara had no problem believing it. Todd had the attitude of someone who thought sex started with his balls and ended with his pecker.

“-and I can’t let anything impede my career here. A supervisor and employee relationship-”

A shadow blotted out the window. The massive form of her husband’s pelvic V enshrouded the entire floor to ceiling glass. 

“Hi honey!” said a voice like thunder.

Clara jolted in surprise. She hadn’t expected him to be so loud.

Todd, for his part, yelped and fell out of his chair.

She stood from her chair and walked over to the small open aperture in the floor to ceiling window to open it fully, pushing the panel out enough to let a gust of wind in. Her breath caught just from getting this close to him, to the enormous heat emanating from Marco’s core. Despite the plan, she couldn’t help but stare at just how fucking huge he was.

Definitely overshot on the dose. 

She wasn’t complaining.

“What the- what the fuck!?” Todd said, pulling himself up. He raised a trembling hand outside. “What the fuck is that?”

Marco chuckled and he seemed to grow a little more from the attention. Clara was mesmerized, watching him and every part of him grow in proportion. His ascent brought his engorged cock, larger than a goddamn pickup truck just about level with their floor. It stood erect, hard and enchanting, and Clara exhaled, realizing she’d been looking forward to this part most, seeing him loom larger than life over the place that had been sucking so much from her life for the past ten years.

“Hey handsome,” Clara said breathily.

“My eyes are up here,” Marco chided from way on high. He didn’t sound too bothered.

“I said what I said.”

The dick twitched and swung just close enough to brush against the window with its tip. The glass creaked, screeched in its sidings, before the enormous penis swung back. It left a thick trail of pre-cum hanging between it and the glass, like some enormous spit trail from a super-sized kiss.

It’s more cum than she’s had inside her in her entire life.

“You get to the good part yet?” Marco called down. Or whispered. It was hard to tell with how gigantic he was.

“Not yet,” she said, sticking her head out and looking up at him. She could barely make out his features against the bright shining sun. He looked like a colossus, a thing of old given form and woken from his deepest slumber. “I was just getting there.”

A hum filled the air like a low-string symphony. Marco moaned high above, gripping the top railing of the building for the vaguest amount of support he could get without toppling the thing over.

“You – fuck, I’m massive – better hurry up then,” he said, grunting between words. His entire upper body was working in unison, gulping down air to cool himself down. “You never mentioned – god this feels so good – how horny I’d get.” As if in response, his hips bucked and thrusted forward just a little. Not enough to breach the glass, but close enough Clara wanted to wrap herself around him and never let go.

It was such a miniscule movement to him, that he probably couldn’t tell, but it was the thing of dreams for Clara.

And a thing of nightmares to Todd, who let out the closest thing to an animal squeal she’d ever heard from a human and crawled as far back as possible from the cock, tossing his chair and knocking a lamp off his desk in the process.

“Get it away, get it away,” Todd gibbered, hair askew and eyes too wide with panic.

“Oh shut up,” Clara said, addressing him for the first time since Marco showed up. “It’s just a dick. You have one too, last I recall.”

Todd looked from the Then making careful thrusting motions and the enormous human blocking his entire office view to Clara. “What did you do?” he accused, trying for some kind of authoritarian voice.

I didn’t do anything,” Clara said. She smiled prettily at him, just like when she came into the office earlier. Then she glanced outside and couldn’t stop herself from licking her lips. Marco’s entire head would be enough to pin her down and the more she thought about it the more she wanted it. She wanted to be utterly covered by her husband’s cock, as effortlessly by him as he put on clothes in the morning. “I just moved up the timetable, Todd.”

She watched him repeat the words to himself, for once in control of himself since the sight of the giant man outside ruined his peaceful morning. 

“Move up the timeta-” his eyes widened even further, somehow, “- you bitch! You psychotic whore! What the fuck were you thinking, you stupid c-”

Marco, who’d been serving as the best kind of fetish fuel for Clara, growled. The noise was inhuman, traveling down the building like a waterfall of disgust and seemed to sock Todd in the gut, who paled to the point of sickness and trembled.

“Finish that sentence,” Marco said. The building didn’t tremble, nor did it shake; it just went eerily still. Even with the klaxons and alarms sounding in the distance, Clara couldn’t hear enough except the world-shuddering rumble of her husband’s restrained fury. “Finish that sentence, Todd, I fucking dare you.” 

Massive fingers, each the size of a couch, tapped against the window glass. Loud booms echoed in the office, prompting Todd to let out jittery cries with each one. In the corner of her eye, Clara saw the last of her coworkers disappear down the stairwell. They were the last two on the floor.

“W-why?” Todd said, when Marco stopped at last. He directed the question at Clara. “Why?”

Clara looked down at him, in his rumpled suit, tear-tracked face, and pathetic fragile ego who thought she wouldn’t fight back against his betrayal. That she’d just take it, like some demented doll.

She’d prepared a list of things to tell him. An honest to god speech. She’d thought she would relish this moment when it came. Rub his nose in it the way he’d shoved her face in his promotion.

Him, shown up and broken down into an idiotic mess just by the mere appearance of something of her own design, her proud and admittedly very horny for her giant husband, stroking himself outside to stave off his uncontrollable arousal to hump the building into submission.

“I don’t owe you anything,” she said at last. “Least of all an explanation.”

Outside, Marco’s jubilant laughter buoyed her already soaring spirits. God, she was so done with this place. With Todd. With this whole fucking company.


Clara ignored him and made her way over to the window again. She stuck her head out the window and called, “Hey honey? Change of plans, I’m done with this place.”

Marco groaned, and she could hear it in his voice how close he was getting. He was trying so hard, just for her, and perhaps paradoxically, that made her feel powerful. 

“A-are you sure?” he said, hunching down. His long hair draped his magnificent face like a waterfall – tan, a hint of stubble, and dark eyes as wildly horny as she felt. “I-I can still hold on, Clara. If you want to mess with him…”

“No.” Clara shook her head, unsure if he could even see such minor details at his size. “No, he’s not worth it. I can think of much better things to do with my time.”

Marco’s breath came in pants and grunts now, and his cock looked so hard it was fit to burst any second. His free hand kept going up and down his shaft at a ridiculously slow pace, gripping hard and gentle to prolong this as much as possible. He grunted, closed his eyes, and re-opened them.

“So what now?” he asked.

He was already at the edge, she could tell, but she admired Marco’s self-control. She’d vastly underestimated the effect the serum would have on him. Either that, or he found the situation just as mind-numbingly hot as she did, in which case, she and he were going to spend a good long while exploring this new aspect of their relationship before she started at her newest job.

An idea struck her.

“Pick me up!” she said, hanging the top half of her body out the window, arms outspread. 

They never talked about this part, never even had the chance to practice handling protocols but it didn’t matter, because Marco, gentler than anyone could say a man of his stature would guess, easily plucked from her spot. There was a brief thrill of weightlessness, lost amidst the utter care and affection she could feel in Marco’s grip. She felt more secure in hand grip than any elevator she’d ever ridden.

Two fingers pinching her gently switched into a cupped palm around her, and still she felt protected, safe in his power. The hand holding her was careful to raise her so as not to whip her through the air, but soon she came face to face with her gargantuan husband. He pinned her in place with his stare, hungry and loving, even as he continued his soft, slow jerks on his cock, edging closer to a release.

“What now?” he whispered, and it was a little like being proposed to all over again. A bright blue sky, a summer sun harsh enough to scald skin, and a vast future, waiting to unfold.

She told him what she wanted. Marco’s eyes lit up and the curl of his smile would lift her spirits for years to come.

He deposited her down on the base of his cock, taking care to catch her in case she lost her grip. She struggled to mount the absolute behemoth he’d been working up this entire time, and as she straddled the shaft, her thighs rubbing against a particularly throbbing vein, Clara couldn’t stop the giddy laugh that escaped her.

Todd stood in the window where Marco had grabbed her from. He stood in the opening, mouth agape, looking lost and ever so punchable.

Clara pressed herself against Marco, putting as much of herself against the enormous dick as she could and still coming up short. Marco was already large before the serum, but now he was absolutely stunning.

“Go!” she yelled, laughing with glee as Marco resumed stroking. He started just above the base, barely an inch from where her head laid against him, and went up and down in patient yet eager movements.

She began grinding against the dick, feeling his heat against her core, the slickness that dribbled down his shaft engulf her.

Todd choked.

“God, honey,” Marco boomed, a giant in the sky and all hers. “God, you feel so good.”

She couldn’t even hope to wrap her entire arms around him, but she tried anyway. She felt the pressure building beneath her, a coil and tension that would flood a small pond, and she delighted in it, in causing all this.

She heard banging. Looking up, along the shaft of her gigantic husband, she caught sight of Todd slamming his fist, shoulders, body against his glass door. He was locked in his office.


“Fuck,” Marco roared for the entire city to hear, hunching over. His eyes were half-lidded, lost in pleasure, but still he held for her. “Fuck fuck fuck!”

“Cum,” she whispered into his flesh. Feeling the crescendo that would mark the end of her old life. “Come on, honey, cum!”

His release came like a tsunami. Marco aimed his head right at the little opening he’d plucked her out of and came stronger than she’d ever seen him cum before. Jizz exploded out of him hard enough to rattle the windows of the entire building, and even knock a couple loose, but Clara didn’t care about that. She felt every monumental twitch and throb with her entire body like nothing ever before and it was nothing short of wonderful, an adult-rated thrill ride just for her.

Marco’s cum splattered against the entire side of Todd’s office, most of it jettisoning straight into the open window. It shot across the room, covering everything possible, but more importantly slammed right into Todd, who fell back against his door in shock or awe. Pgoing to both.

It was an event for the history books, the largest amount of cum deposited in a single shot, yet all Clara could think of as Marco carefully lifted her from his still hard member – walking through the city like it was fine china and in the direction of their ranch house out in the country – was how much she couldn’t wait to break that record.

“What’re you thinking,” Marco rumbled, adroitly sidestepping some fire trucks on the way to her former office building.

Clara smiled up at him. She was hot, a little jittery from nerves, arousal, and the confrontation, but right then, that moment, she wouldn’t trade anything for what she already had. “Nothing.”

“You’re always thinking something.”

“Well, now I’m not.”

Marco huffed. “Well, I’m thinking something.”

Clara craned to look up at him properly. He was focused on the horizon, on the ground below, taking care and stepping in the empty spots that he could, but she could still feel the intensity of his attention, like a weighted blanket. “Oh?”

“Yeah,” he said, twisting and finally breaking free from the hot mess that was downtown. She knew there would be problems to sort out later, damages to be paid to the city, but all she cared about was him. And their life from then on forward. “I’m thinking about how I’m going to have you all to myself for the next, I dunno, how about a month?”

“That… that sounds nice, yeah.” Clara closed her eyes and draped herself across his open palm. “Fuck Todd. Fuck the job. Fuck that company.”

Marco guffawed. “I’m pretty sure I just did.”

She groaned. “God, over three hundred feet tall and you’re still a giant dork!”

“Love you, Clara.”

“Yeah.” She couldn’t hear the sirens anymore. The expanse of the world was all that awaited them now. “I love you too, dork.”

3 thoughts on “KinkyScribble: Lift Me Up, Raise Me Gently

  1. For whatever reason, it wasn’t until I began writing about male giants that I finally understood the allure of inundating someone with my jizz. You built it up very nicely here, until everyone is clamoring for it. Marking the window with his pre-cum was an excellent harbinger. Clara’s delight carries us along to the conclusion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Male giants used to be one of those things I thought I would never explore. It used to be this thing I kept in my mental closet, a question that I wanted to ask myself but never dared, because…reasons? The answer to that is probably a mix of societal conditioning, personal ignorance, and other non-trivial things. I’m very glad to have started exploring the concept.

      That said, this was practically a fever dream of writing, so I’m glad you enjoyed it! As much as the story involved Marco, it certainly was something entirely driven and indulged by Clara.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s always wonderful when people explore new areas of their imagination. Sometimes the findings are about what was expected, and sometimes something entirely bizarre pops up. You can spend your whole life discovering how your desires are formed (that’s good news).

        Liked by 1 person

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