One More Shot…

So, here we go. I’ve decided to learn how to use one of these darn things because I got quite frustrated with most other repository locations. At a certain point I realized that most of my stories/ideas were spread across too many sites to feasibly maintain, so the goal of this (currently) emaciated ol’ thing is to serve as my go-to.

A couple things about me to start with:

  • I simultaneously have too much and too little time on my hands
  • I have three cats and a dog
  • Too many idea that I forget to write down at least 87% of the time
  • I’m a bisexual cis man
  • And the absolute best for last: one very lovely wife who puts up with far too many of my random musings.

This is more of a repository for things that interest me, and will primarily feature topics like giant ladies, giant men, shrunken ladies, shrunken men, and the various combinations that can arise along with other things in between. Stories and blog posts will be tagged as SFW or NSFW as appropriate, and will be tagged as either Size Thoughts or Size Stories for the most part.

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